Sunday, December 9, 2007

David Moody Book Signing

Hello all,

We are very excited to announce that David Moody is coming to Toronto to visit us on set and sign some of his books this week!

His book signing will be Thursday, 12/13/2007, 7 PM at Prohibition on 696 Queen St E in Toronto, ON. Only a few books will be sold, so get there as soon as you can!

Autumn Footage...

Just a quick note to let you all know that we appreciate your comments on the footage, the good and the bad. We love all feedback, as the fan's voice counts, especially on this production. We would like to point out that this was just a taster of raw footage from only the first week of shooting. We have not even begun post production yet, we just wanted to give the fans a little taste. The footage you see was put together very quickly as we are all extremely busy with the shoot. We have only just begun...

Do keep posting your feedback, we love hearing from everybody.

Zombified with love...

The Autumn Crew


Keiron said...

Can you please pass the request on to Dave for him to update his blog whilst he's over in Canada?

Anonymous said...

When is the film out in the UK?..cant wait!

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