Tuesday, March 16, 2010

US DVD Release and new reviews!!!

We're back and we have news. We finally have the release date for AUTUMN in the US. You will all be able to buy or rent AUTUMN in the 'ol US of A starting April 6, 2010! AUTUMN will be available everywhere. It will be in over 30,000 outlets. We don't have the full list at the moment but we do have a few links where you can pre-order.

Diabolik DVD Pre-order

Amazon Pre-Order

Netflix - Put it on your queue!

We also have two new reviews for you to check out.

MIDNIGHT MONSTER SHOW (reviewed by Captain Midnight)

365 HORROR (reviewed by Geoff)

We should have a full list of where you can get AUTUMN in the US in a few weeks.

Canada, you're next!

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