Thursday, June 25, 2009

We'll Meet Again...

So, a long overdue update:

We have sent out some screeners to a few reviewers and we will be sending a few more out over the next couple of weeks, the final sound mix still needs to be done, but it is basically the finished, authorized version of the film that the reviewers will be viewing. So those should be surfacing soon. We also hope to have news soon of future screenings and release dates for other countries!

Below is a video that Steven Rumbelow put together as a wave goodbye to David Carradine.

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Unknown said...

I was lucky enough to see this. I watched both the screener and the (sorry to say) the torrent. more for research. I will say that if you dl the torrent you are in for a disappointment. There are some missing bits and invented bits and also added sound, the torrent is crap and is missing alot of scenes. So Ill say dont waste your time dl it. It will ruin the movie for you. The screener was great! and yes it follows the booked rather effectivly. The sound does need to be mastered but all in all, I am certain you guys wont be disappointed.

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