Friday, March 6, 2009

Win a copy of the AUTUMN Novel!

Hello all,

So right now it is really tough to get a copy of the AUTUMN novel as it waits for the new publisher to distribute it. Copies are being sold for over $200 right now on Amazon because of this. However, you lucky sods now have a chance to win the Infected Books Edition of AUTUMN, which shall most definitely become a collector's item, as it is on its way already. Our good friends at the Zed Word Blog are having a contest, which you can enter here, The Zed Word. Enter soon, you only have until the 10th of March!


Memoirs of a Heroinhead said...

Infamous British serial killer Dennis Nilsen murdered my father... come across to my blog and read the story.

Hope to see you soon, Shane.

Anonymous said...

The Trailer says "There were no cure" in the lead-in... I dunno, it looks silly. I'm gagging for the flick, but the trailer (just that lead in bit) makes it look like an amateur job.

RachelR said...

Yes NiteMayr,

We know, we have asked Spotlight a zillion times to change it, they say that they will change it and it never gets changed. I just asked them again yesterday, so hopefully that will be the time. If not, I will keep harping on them. It might help if they hear it from somebody besides us, If you find the time, please let them know how bad it looks.


asdasd said...


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