Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Camera time

Hello all,

We have been so crazy busy here, but that is a good thing and we are certainly not complaining. We are officially going to camera October 22nd. It is a little later than planned, but actually works out better in a lot of ways. So, we should have some stills pretty soon and definitely some stories and news while production is happening. Our prep has been coming along smoothly and we are looking forward to getting into the "meat" of the production. (rimshot please)

Full cast will be announced at the end of the shoot as we have some surprises coming your way in that area. You won't be disappointed.

Last thing to catch up on...INVESTMENTS! We appreciate all of you who have invested so much. And there will be very little time for anybody left who wants to invest as HALLOWEEN on midnight will be the last day to invest.

Stay tuned...


Anonymous said...

I can not wait to see this movie! If it lives up to the books it will be the greatest zombie film of all time!

db said...

Can't wait to see some stills... I'm really looking forward to this film.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was a place to post pictures I have taken form the set!!!

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