Thursday, May 10, 2007

A little taste...

Okay, so I disappeared again. However, I would like to make amends with the following little sneak peak/taster/teaser video for Autumn. Hot off the presses, delivered by Steven Rumbelow himself...


Anonymous said...

MMMM looks interesting... More!

asd said...

A couple of stills or some scenes would have been good but you grabbed my attention with this!

Unknown said...

So in other havent even started yet?

Have to say I'm quite dissapointed these books were not picked up by a more pro film company. But beggars cant be choosers.

Plus what happend with the shares folks have purchased? Any chance of seeing some documentation?

RachelR said...

Thank you for your comments.

To Jake: I think it is a little early to be disappointed, but to each his own. The production is on schedule just as our last 52 productions have been on schedule. In fact some of the casting has already been completed.

As far as the shares, all shares up until the end of April have been delivered. The deadline for shipping shares is around 30 days. To see documentation, you must invest. We do not encourage documentation to be put out onto the internet to avoid counterfeiting. We have not had any complaints yet, quite the contrary, we have had quite a few happy investors thanking us for their certificates.

With regard to comments about this company producing the film. One of the reasons this is happening is because both the director and the author are very much together on the fact that this should not be a watered down Hollywood product. Worth noting here is that the director is British and has chosen to live in Canada, which says something about both the politics and the style that one can expect from this particular director's approach.

If you are a fan investor and have not received your certificate then please let us know at

Please keep up the comments, we encourage all feedback.

Anonymous said...

Autumn PA:

I've contacted Rachel several times but have heard no response regarding a possible need for extras during filming. My email is

Could you possibly pass this on to her?


RachelR said...


Your message has been passed on.



Anonymous said...

Looks awesome!
Good luck, guys.

Unknown said...

Have read the books and am very interested to see how it is adapted to the big screen. Been waiting for the 5th installment for the past year... I believe, but my memory is a little foggy lately with the birth of my daugther. Unfortunately, I can't see the teaser. I'll have to check it from my home computer.

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