Monday, March 26, 2007

Zombie Video Stars

We are getting closer and closer to production. Once we get into the really, really cool stuff, we will be showing you videos galore. Videos of the make up process and videos of the set are a given. Candid videos of the cast are also on the list. What else do you want to see during the making of Autumn?

Also, we are still waiting for those of you with zombie tattoos to send pictures. We know you are out there.

Stay tuned as we have some cool things coming up that I can't tell you about yet. Oh, but they will be good.


Anonymous said...

If you could have a couple of preliminary scenes, that would be great. An interview with the author?

Anonymous said...

i would love some dark glommy concept art or pictures of background, settings you will use in the movie such as the cover for autumn: the city. How can you not be spooked from that? Please include some ball rocking scenery in the movie

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