Wednesday, February 28, 2007

We want your feedback...

The first draft of the screenplay for Autumn is complete. In our
experiment to involve the opinions and commitment that fans bring to film and TV productions we are gathering information in the survey below to assess what aspects of the book are most important to the Autumn readership.

The only qualification is that you must have read the book, which you can download for free.

The notion of feedback from spectators is not new to film production but it is normally done during preview screenings of a largely completed film. With Autumn we have afforded the reader the respect to take his or her feelings into account at script level.

The survey is confidential. This survey and its answers do not go anywhere outside of Renegade.
Your anonymity is protected.

Please be sure to remember these questions apply ONLY to the first installment of Autumn and no other books in the series. Participants in the survey are asked to imagine they have not read any other books when writing responses.

Renegade wishes to make it very clear that we are not asking for new ideas. It is merely a survey which calls for opinions of the book from the fans. Please stick to the survey and assist us by providing the enlightenment we seek regarding your reactions to the book. If you do insist on sending any new, creative ideas, submitting them in this survey is an agreement that they become the property of Renegade, so please don't send them.

Click here to give us feedback.

Click here to read the book for free.

Thanks, keep on eye on our blog, as we will be giving you a closer look at the making of the film for this incredible book.

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Anonymous said...

I LOVE AUTUMN, this is the best book of the ultimate 20 years! I hope that Autumn is soon a GREAT movie.

Massimo from Italy

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